#16 Fish Hatchery Overlook: King Bed

Overlooking Donegal Creek and the location of Pennsylvania’s first fish hatchery, this room on the east corner of the north wing offers a private entrance and expansive deck to enjoy the view of the creek and the woods.

The newly formed Pennsylvania Fish Commission constructed the state’s first fish hatchery in 1873 soon after the creations of the commission. The commission purchased one acre of land and unlimited access to the water for $2000 and paid B. F. Heistand $3700 to build the hatchery (total approximately $122,000 in 2019). The 100 by 32 foot building was constructed 750 feet from the Hoover Spring along Donegal creek containing 17 hatching troughs. The location of the hatchery places it where the current pump house is located which was built in 1889.

The hatchery operated for 9 years and Simon Cameron purchased the state for $2,000 on June 12, 1883 and incorporated the site into the current estate.

Strangely the first eggs to be hatched were California salmon eggs not brook trout.

This pet-friendly room features a King size, hot-served breakfast, fireplace*, en suite and in-room controlled A/C offers a quiet retreat to relax and enjoy the property.

● Reservations are based on double occupancy (2 Guests), all additional guests are $25 per person.
● Our Restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday, please let us know if you would like a dinner reservation.
*Equipped with gas logs for your safety and convenience

Room Amenities:

● Separate Entrance
● Private Ensuite
● Fireplace*
● Pet Freindly
● Free Wi/Fi
● King Size Bed
● Upscale Bistro Onsite
● In-room Controlled Air Conditioning
● Cable TV
*Equipped with gas logs for your safety and convenience