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Micro Weddings
Why consider a Micro Wedding?
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
Why a Micro Wedding ?

U nlike an elopement, a micro weddings retains the best of a wedding on a smaller scale with — Lower Costs.

Micro Wedding Benefits

F ewer guests means lower costs, simplicity in planning, and a day to focus on you, your spouse and your guest's experience.

Create your own aesthetics through food & drinks to share with your close friends and family.

A micro wedding is perfect for those who seek intimacy.

Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
Low stress
#1 reason to choose a micro wedding is a simplified all-inclusive bundled service, — An event focusing on food, drink and fun at a unique venue with minimal planning and stress.
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
• Overnight Stay - Couple
• Flowers
• Ceremony
• Cocktails & Hors d'Oeuvres
• 3 Course Meal
• Wedding Cake
• Call-brand Drinks
Up to 6 Guests $2200
Up to 20 Guests $4500
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
• Embrace the Experience
• Share with Friends
• Abandon Expectations
• Keep the Fun Stuff
What's Important
With a smaller wedding, focus on things with more meaning to you and your guests.
Focus on the details guests value most — food, drinks, location and friends — forego details guests value least — the favors, place cards, bouquet or garter toss, flowers.
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
The Hard Part
Narrowing the Guest List
Ask yourself these questions as you make your guest list:

  Does your guest know the two of you as a couple?

  Have you engaged with this person in the last year?
  Can you imagine your wedding without them?
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
What's Most Valued

  Bride’s dress
  Bride’s entrance
  Couple’s vows
  Ceremony location (setting, area, etc.)
  Look on groom's face when bride enters
  Bridesmaids’ dresses
  Ceremony venue
  Entertainment (photo booth/props/etc.)
  Couple’s entrance
  Reception location (setting, area)
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
having it all
A micro wedding affords you the ability to have a memorable wedding at a unique location and put our savings to other uses — buying a home, going on a vacation, or starting a family right away.
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
Wedding vs Elopement
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant

Micro Wedding Package

This smaller wedding format foregoes any expectation to adhere to a prescribed script. Therefore, special readings, toast, special music, receiving lines, etc. do not have to occur — just keep all the fun stuff.

Spend your time and money on what really excites you and also things your guests really value for a much more meaningful event.
— Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant —
Cameron Estate Inn & Restaurant
Micro Wedding
20 or more Guests